"Belief and Books: The Great Textbook War Story" Traveling Exhibit and "The Great Textbook War" Audio Documentary
were brought to the Northern Panhnadle of West Virginia through funding by the Kanawha Valley Historical Society and West Liberty University.

West Liberty University's Highland's Center and the Boyle Conference Center on the Main Campus served as sites for the exhibit and student and public forums from January 10-27, 2010.

This Wiki was designed as a workspace for teachers and students who have chosen to do projects, reports and other curriculum extensions tied to the traveling exhibit and the audio documentary.

For more information on the 2010 exhibit and the audio documentary, please view the press release from West Liberty University. To listen to the audio documentary before visiting the exhibit or participating in the student and community forum, please visit West Virginia Public Broadcasting's streaming audio file at http://www.wvpubcast.org/newsarticle.aspx?id=14206. There is also an article posted on that link.

Students from John Marshall High School and Wheeling Park High School were encouraged to use this Wiki as a launching pad for curriculum extensions tied to the documentary and the traveling exhibit.

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