Lesson plans have been created and field tested by many members of our curriculum team. A special thanks goes out to Grafton High School, John Marshall High School, and Morgantown High School for collaborating with The Great Textbook War Curriculum Team and allowing us to pilot this curriculum in their schools. Lesson plans can be reviewed on the following pages:

An Arts Approach

This series of lesson options was created by Dr. Joy Faini Saab and incorporates the arts into the Great Textbook War curriculum utilizing creative drama, visual art, and musical lyrics.

Constructivism-Historical Inquiry
This description of educational philosophy known as constructivism was created by Mr. Mark Swiger and is designed to share ideas around vertically aligning curriculum that uses museums, documentaries, primary source documents as laboratories for learning. Constructivism is an instructional philosophy that showcases inquiry and project based learning as both instructional strategies and pedagogical training. Inquiry is tied to all levels of constructivism and is designed to take students to a higher level of thinking by engaging students in the development of rich questioning around relevant topics.

Coaching Student Questioning
This short tutorial for teachers was created by Mr. Mark Swiger and is designed for teachers to help guide student questioning into “thicker” questions rather than generalized questions.

Project Based Learning-Religion and the Founders
This unit was created by Mr. Mark Swiger and is designed around the following question: How is the United States a product of the Enlightenment and reflected in everyday life in the 21st Century?

Project-Civil Discourse
This unit was created by Mr. Daniel Berry and Mrs. Rebecca Berry. It incorporates civil discourse into the classroom utilizing many current controversial events. This lesson is designed to extend from the original controversial topic of The Great Textbook War.

Project-Great Textbook War-A State and National Context
This unit was created by Mr. Mark Swiger. This project encourages students as teams of investigators in glimpsing the impact of The Great Textbook War in a state and national context.

Webquest & Reflection Questions
This unit was created by Mr. Matthew Cox and is designed to lead students through a webquest that analyzes The Great Textbook War. Upon completion of this webquest, they will engage in civil discourse. Several worksheets are available to assist teachers in controversial topics that encourage students to reach a higher level of thinking and analyze topics from different viewpoints.

Student Made Documentaries

This page is designed a little different in that lists of possible topics for student-made documentaries will be posted. There will also be possible rubrics to guide student design and production.

For questions or concerns about this page or have technical issues, please send an e-mail to Mark Swiger.