The Great Textbook War Curriculum Launch at West Virginia University was a success!
West Virginia University in collaboration with the West Virginia Humanities Council launched The Great Textbook War Curriculum on Thursday November 17, 2011. Several members of the curriculum team were available to answer questions and lead discussions. The photo documentary was a powerful reminder of the events that took place in Kanawha County in 1974. The audio documentary played was a fair, unbiased representation of both the protestors and the supporters point of view. Below you will find a copy of the program from our curriculum launch

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The Great Textbook War Curriculum Launch Powerpoint was designed to complement the radio and photo documentaries that was displayed during the curriculum launch on November 17, 2011 at Allen Hall-College of Human Resources and Education of West Virginia University. The powerpoint shows powerful photographs of the social unrest that the introduction of new textbooks caused in Kanawha county in 1974.

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