Lesson Author-Dr. Joy Faini Saab

In 1974, Kanawha County was the first battleground in the American culture wars. Controversy erupted over newly-adopted school textbooks. School buildings were hit by dynamite and Molotov cocktails, buses were riddled with bullets, journalists were beaten and surrounding coal mines were shut down by protesting miners.
Textbook opponents believed the books were teaching their children to question their authority, traditional values and the existence of God.
Textbook supporters said children needed to be exposed to a wide variety of beliefs and experiences, and taught to make their own decisions.
The photo and radio documentaries will be presented with two short programs at 4:30 and 6:30 during this drop in reception.
The 1974 events in Kanawha County connect to today's schools regarding censorship and textbook production and sales and religion and schools.
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Arts Infused Lesson Plans for the Great Textbook War

The Great Textbook War Curriculum Team:

Mr. Trey Kay
Audio Documentary Producer and Narrator of "The Great Textbook War"
Mr. Stan Bumgardner
Historian and Producer / Designer of "Books and Beliefs: The Great Textbook War Story"
Mr. Henry Battle
Kanawha Valley Historical and Preservation Society, Sponsor of the Traveling Exhibit
Mr. Mark Swiger
Social Studies Department Chair/Social Studies Teacher, John Marshall High School
Dr. Joy Faini Saab
Chair, Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies, Social & Cultural Foundation, Educational Leadership Studies
Director, Office for Global Initiatives and Diversity, West Virginia University
Mrs. Rebecca Berry
Social Studies Teacher, Morgantown High School
Mr. Daniel Berry
Social Studies Teacher, Morgantown High School
Mr. Matthew Cox
Social Studies Teacher, Capital High School
Mrs. Ashley Finniss
Graduate Assistant, Curriculum & Instruction
Graduate Student, Early Childhood Education

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